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Depot System 4.0 Gate Activity (In Gate - Out Gate)

Depot System 4.0 tracks all aspects of the depot's containers, chassis, and gensets.  The units are entered via the InGate screen.  Once in yard, lifting, equipment edits, and M&R can be performed on the unit.  The information is automatically compiled for producing monthly storage invoices.  There is no re-keying of units to produce invoices or any reports.  The system is designed for Real Time input - meaning that units are entered in as they arrive so all parts of the system are updated instantly, with all users capable of immediately seeing the changes.  At the end of the month, all unit information is already in the system - simply select the storage invoice for each customer and print a storage invoice of all units.  Unlimited storage rates can be charged per customer and by size / type of unit.  Free days can be given, and flat rate prices can also be charged.

Complete handling of loaded units is supported in Depot System.  All loads can track multiple bill of ladings, seal, weight, pieces, free days, and demurrage charges.  Loads can also track COD, freight releases, and customs releases.

Depot System 4.0 supports a full manifest system.  Manifests can be entered for units and can also be received via EDI.  The Manifest system directly ties to the Ingate screen and can receive EDI freight and customs releases.



Activity System Features


Multiple depot locations can run on a single rver.

Unlimited accounts.

Configurable InGate & OutGate screens per customer.

Full Genset support.

Easy lifting and switching of containers on chassis.

Genset lifting.

Storage invoice generated by gate activity.

Many possible rate structures, including free days.

Demurrage charges.

Demurrage billing.

Separate rates for loaded and empty units.

Enter and track booking numbers by unit.

Enter group bookings.


  Enter leasing re-delivery numbers.

Print inbound & outbound interchanges.

All reports print to printer, email, and fax or can be exported to Excel.

Easy direct email of reports in Acrobat or Excel formats.

Customizable reports per customer.

Generate Daily Activity reports.

Generate Yard Check Inventory reports.

Generate Yard Status reports.

Generate Bookings reports.

Generate different M&R reports.

Group sending of reports via email.

Complete history searches by container, chassis, booking, trucker and more.


Gate Activity Screens