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Depot Systems 4.0 Reporting

Depot Systems contains a large number of built in reports. All reports print to the screen and then can be sent to a printer, email, or exported to Excel.

Daily Gate and status reports can be send individually or sent all to all customers with one click.

Gate - Yard Reports

  • Daily Activity
  • Yard Inventory
  • Yard Status
  • Yard Aging
  • Gate Totals
  • Booking Report
  • Custom Interchange Prints

Depot M&R Reports

  • M&R Status
  • M&R Detail
  • M&R Repaired
  • M&R Authorized

Estimate - Invoice Reports

  • Invoice - Estimate Totals Report
  • Invoice Export Report
  • Mechanic Report
  • Inventory Items Report
  • Item Sales report

Invoicing Prints

  • Estimate Print
  • Invoice Print
  • Work Order Print
  • Storage Invoice Print
  • Chassis Stacking Invoice Print