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FMCSA Support In Depot Systems
12/16/2009 2:36:00 PM by Wally Morris

Depot Systems is adding the following FMCSA support to the Depot Systems 4.0.

1. Receive On-Hold 315 EDI from system.
The EDI will place the chassis on hold and flag as a DV status. DVIR damages will be listed on chassis. If the unit has not yet arrived at your depot. The on hold information will go in as a STOP UNIT and the chassis will be flaged on the InGate screen when it arrives.
2. Added new M&R Detail report option to print all DV status holds and display the DVIR damages that the driver selected.
3. Added DVIR to the InGate Screen. A DVIR can be created on behalf of a driver for or IANA system depending on the equipment owner.