Depot Systems 5 PC software


Depot Systems 5 PC/Server main module.

SKU: 500

Product Description

Depot Systems 5 PC / Server software main module. Contains gate, reporting, and EDI system.

  • Support and EDI processing are included if DS Cloud Hosting option is used.


  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008-2016 versions supported
  • Microsoft SQL, Microsoft SQL Express 2008-2016 versions or Depot Systems hosted SQL service.
  • Internet connection for EDI processing and support.

Depot Systems 5 PC / Server is sold per depot / terminal location. Unlimited PC’s / Users per location.

Note: PC / Server software only, Depot Systems 5 tablet and other options sold separate.

Note: Windows 7 PC can be used with Microsoft SQL Express, this will be a lower processor and SQL Express has size limitations of 10GB per database.


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